10 Things To Do In Door County

Growing up in Door County, I have been lucky enough to experience beautiful sights and discover many hidden treasures. Door County is a mix between a dream and a little beach town. If you’re coming here for a weekend trip, read my suggestions for 10 things to do!

1. Blue Horse Beach Café

Start your day off with a cup of joe! This is by far the best White Chocolate Mocha I’ve ever had. Not only does Blue Horse Beach Café have incredible coffee with a wide selection, their food menu is just as delicious. My favorite meal is the Sweet Ham Sandwich. As written in the menu, this is made from thin sliced ham, provolone cheese, tomatoes, mayo and fresh greens on a mango chutney rubbed focaccia bread. This cafe is a local favorite with friendly faces, excellent service and delicious coffee and food.

White Chocolate Mocha

2. Peninsula State Park

Peninsula State Park has it all! Biking, hiking, boat rentals, a sandy beach and a spectacular view. This state park has been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember. The map you receive when you enter the park will give you all the information you will need on trails for hiking and biking. My favorite hiking trail is the Minnehaha trail. The one is on the difficult side, but if you take it slow, it’s not too bad. You walk alongside beautiful water, caves and the Niagara escarpment. It’s truly a picturesque trail and site.


You can also sit at the boat launch and enjoy the view. There are a number of benches around that let you sit and soak in the beauty. This is one of my favorite spots that is beautiful during all seasons.


3. Pebble Beach

This is a hidden Door County treasure! Pebble Beach is a little beach that is hidden in Sister Bay. It is covered in beautiful pebbles that shine with the sunlight. It’s at the end of Pebble Beach Road and is the perfect place to have a picnic or simply enjoy the subtle sound of waves.


4. Grumpy’s Ice Cream and Popcorn

You definitely won’t leave this place in a grumpy mood. Grumpy’s is a newer business in Egg Harbor and has already become a local favorite. They have homemade popcorn, ice cream and the most delicious fudge I have ever tasted (seriously, it’s incredible).

5. Egg Harbor Beach

If you want to enjoy a sunset, go for a walk, rent a kayak or have a picnic, the Egg Harbor beach is a must. It is a cute beach tucked away in the village of Egg Harbor with colorful adirondack chairs along the sand. The view is stunning and the beach will steal a little piece of your heart.


6. Door County Distillery / Door Peninsula Winery

Recently, I discovered the Door County Distillery where we tasted cherry moonshine, bourbon and whiskey. Nic loves bourbon and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it, too!

I LOVE wine and that is no secret. Door County is filled with wonderful wineries, but the Door Peninsula Winery is hands down my favorite. They have wine tasting for under $5 and an excellent assortment. My favorite wine of theirs is the Blackberry Merlot which is the perfect amount of sweet and dry.

Wine tasting!

7. Coyote Roadhouse

Coyote Roadhouse is the best place to get a greasy burger. They are famous for their onion loaf, which is literally a loaf of deep fried onions. It is delicious and the perfect appetizer before your meal. Another appetizer we always get are the deep fried cheese curds, which are some the best cheese curds I have ever had in my life. Their burgers are cooked to perfection and you never leave hungry or disappointed.

Our usual, Moon Man beer and The Bleu Burger

8. Lighthouse Tours

Talking about the beauty of each lighthouse would take too long, so I will just list the different ones in the county:

  • Baileys Harbor Range Lights
  • Cana Island Lighthouse
  • Sturgeon Bay Shop Canal North Pierhead Light
  • Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Light
  • Chambers Island Lighthouse
  • Eagle Bluff Lighthouse
  • Old Baileys Harbor Lighthouse
  • Pilot Island Lighthouse
  • Pump Island Lighthouse
  • Pottawatomie lighthouse
  • Sherwood Point Lighthouse

These are not all available to tour, but a few are. I would recommend Cana Island and Eagle Bluff Lighthouse.

9. Live Theater

Here are 4 of my favorite theaters in the county:

Northern Sky Theater

Northern Sky Theater is an outdoor treasure tucked away in Peninsula State Park. They perform live professional theater in summer every night but Sunday. Each summer, they feature different musicals that are both heartwarming and hilarious. Make sure you bundle up, it gets chilly at night!


Peninsula Players

Peninsula Players is another live, professional theater. They perform inside a venue with the beach just a few steps away. Before the show, we always get a drink and watch the sunset, which is the ultimate Door County experience. There are always different shows throughout the season, ranging from mysteries to comedies.

The beach by Peninsula Players

Third Avenue Playhouse

Third Avenue Playhouse is another memorable theater. Located in Sturgeon Bay in an old cinema, the intimate setting makes you feel completely involved in the show you are watching. The plays are always diverse in themes and never let you down.

Door Shakespeare

It’s like Shakespeare in the park! Door Shakespeare is a cute theater in Bailey’s Harbor. Every summer, they perform a different Shakespearean play that never has a dull moment.  Bring a blanket, a warm drink and get lost in their words!

10. Boating

Boating is one of my favorite things to do, and Door County is the perfect place for it! We have an old 1967 span boat that we explore the county in. Whether you bring your own boat or rent one, the views from the water are unbeatable. One of our favorite places to boat to is Horseshoe Island in Peninsula State Park. This island is small and filled with lush trees and many plants. There are no roads, just walking trails. Even if you’re not a boater, you will be after you go on an outing on the water!

Horseshoe Island

(Ok, I added ONE more)

11. Parador

If you like tapas and sangria, you will love Parador! You can either sit in the cozy seating area inside or outside under string lights. I highly recommend the bacon wrapped dates and the Patatas Bravas. The dates are crispy applewood smoked bacon with brandy date sauce and the Patatas Bravas are crispy potatoes, herbs and fiery sauce. This place will quickly become one of your favorites.

I hope you found some of these suggestions helpful and that your trip the Door County is nothing short of wonderful!

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