Fourth In Fontana

This last weekend was my first 4th of July in Fontana, Wisconsin! Something about the 4th of July always makes my heart flutter a bit. It’s exciting, romantic and fresh.

Sarah (Nic’s sister) and I were talking about how the 4th of July can either be considered the halfway point of summer or just the beginning of summertime adventures. This got me thinking.


There are always different ways to look at days and situations. July 4th may mean that summer is halfway over, but it also means there are many adventures to look forward to. It’s a reminder to do what you want to do even if you feel like you have no time in your busy schedule. Take that list of what you want to do and DO IT! Go on that hike, have a picnic in the park and watch that sunset.

The 4th of July weekend in Fontana was relaxing and refreshing. The sunsets, golf games, runs by the lake and all of the dear people made it a weekend to remember. As Nic and I held hands and giggled as we watched the fireworks, it felt like a dream. Simple moments many times are the most memorable and romantic, like holding hands while watching the night sky light up.


This weekend reminded me to sit back and enjoy each day. Life will always be stressful, but it’s important to sit back, enjoy fireworks with a glass of wine and appreciate every day that you have. Simple moments hold a special place in your heart, as do being around people you love. So, always remember to take in each day with a fresh mindset and tackle that list of adventures you want to pursue. It’s always worth it.


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