Mustangs and Donuts

Today reminded me of something. It reminded me to take time to relax and enjoy life. It sounds cliche, but it’s so true. On this beautiful day, we decided to go for a ride in the mustang and get donuts in town. A plan so simple, yet so wonderful. We pulled out the ’65 mustang, got our sunglasses and went cruising in the county.

IMG_0518 (1).jpg

The sun was shining, the sky was blue and we were out on a mini adventure. We got our donuts, and they were nothing short of amazing. Our flavors were coconut, fruity pebbles, key lime, oreo and bacon. We ate them as we sat at the marina and took in our surroundings.


As we were driving back home, The Beach Boys came on the radio. The song Don’t Worry Baby started to play, and it reminded me of something else. It reminded me to let go of  worries. Sometimes, it’s so hard not to stress and think about everything you need to do. Trust me, I know. But as we were cruising and enjoying our donuts, I was reminded not to worry and simply enjoy life and the simple things.

So, here’s what today taught me. Go on a drive on a sunny day. Get a donut. Bask in the warm sun. Let go of your worries (even if it’s for an hour). And listen to The Beach Boys. 🙂


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