Goodbye Monday Blues

I never liked how people would start off Monday’s on a negative note. Yes, the weekend just ended and reality strikes yet again. But why should that be bad? I think Monday should have a positive meaning attached to it, which is why I say goodbye to those blues! I start my Monday off with a cup of coffee (lots of coffee) and a mental list of goals and fun things I want to accomplish and do for the week. Below are 3 goals that I have set for myself this week!

1. Drink coffee on the balcony

So simple, right? I hardly ever use my balcony in my apartment and it’s so beautiful! This week, I’m setting a goal to sip my morning coffee on the balcony as I enjoy the sunrise.

2. Write someone a letter

This is another simple action that holds a huge impact. Getting a handwritten letter is an incredibly personal and touching gesture that often gets forgotten. This week, I’m going to write a loved one a letter. After all, who doesn’t love getting something in the mail other than a bill?

3. Start a running chart

As you read in my Friday Favorites blog, I am training for a half marathon! Last year, I could hardly run 1 mile. This year, I’ve already ran 6 miles without completely being out of breath! It feels SO GOOD to physically see a goal getting accomplished. This week, I’m going to start logging the miles I run per week so it can continue to motivate me and my running progress.

I think setting Monday goals takes away that stigma of the Monday Blues. Take those blues and say goodbye! It will change your whole day.

Happy Monday, everyone! 🙂 Make it great!



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