5 Ways to Balance Your Day

I recently graduated college and began working part time at a marketing agency. I start graduate school in August, and I know my schedule will be very up and down. Night classes, work, projects and whatever else comes my way! Working part time, I have learned heathy and successful ways to balance my schedule that help fill me with positive energy and motivation.

1. Make time for a run or walk

Even if I’m exhausted after a long day of work or groggy when I wake up, I make time  for a run or a walk. Some days, I don’t run very far at all. But that’s not the point! Getting active before or after work helps you get moving and feeling good! Outside or on a treadmill, it’s a great addition to any day. You may be grumpy first, but you won’t be for long. 🙂

2. Breakfast

I never used to eat breakfast. Maybe a bagel here and there, but never anything consistent. This was a mistake. When my mom bought me granola from Door County, I started eating it with yogurt every morning. I can’t believe how a simple change made such a huge impact on my day. And it’s so tasty!


3. Make someone smile (or smile at them)

This is something I strive to do every single day. This is also something that helps add balance to a long day, especially if you’re not in the best mood. Making someone smile or smiling at them not only brings someone else joy, it makes YOU feel good! It could be as simple as giving someone a dollar, leaving someone a note, telling them you like their shirt or simply saying hello to a stranger! I always strive to make someone smile everyday, and it never fails to make me happy knowing I could bring a touch of joy into someone else’s day.

4. Prepare your lunch ahead of time (or have an idea in mind)

There is nothing worse then going home for lunch and not knowing what to eat, or waking up and not knowing what to pack. I’ve been there and it’s NOT fun. I began to plan my meals ahead of time so it’s one less thing to worry about in the morning or afternoon. This is a simple change that makes a major difference! We have enough things to worry about during the day, lunch shouldn’t be one of them!

5. Treat yourself and do what you LOVE

No matter how hectic your days get, don’t forget to treat yourself and do what you love. Gardening, writing, running and reading are a few things thing I love to do, and I always do my best to make time for them. This goes right along with treating yourself! Some days are busier than others, but when you have the time, use it. A glass of wine, chocolate, taking a bubble bath, dancing around your living room… if it makes you happy, then do it. You deserve a treat and to do what you love.


These are a few tips I have used (and use) during school and work that have had positive impacts throughout my day. I hope they can positively impact your days, too!

Let me know what works for you, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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