Do Good With Pie

This weekend was the definition of an ideal country weekend, and something you’d see in a Hallmark movie.

Yesterday,  my brother competed in a triathlon, and did an incredible job! After the morning fun of cheering him on, we decided to go cherry picking, something I have always wanted to do! We are surrounded by cherry orchards, so it only makes sense.


We got our buckets and set out in the orchard searching for the ripest cherries. We picked two full buckets of cherries (a lot more than I thought could fit in there) and decided to bake homemade cherry pie, yet ANOTHER thing I have always wanted to do!

We found a cherry pie recipe online, got the ingredients and began to bake! It was the cutest scene. We sat in a line, one person handed a cherry to next person, that person would pit the cherry and then the next person would put it in a bowl. We decided to make 4 pies (WOW) which called for 20 cups of cherries. Needless to say, there was a lot of pitting to be done. We finished pitting the cherries, mixed together all of the ingredients and decorated the pies.


Obviously, we were so excited to have the pies for ourselves. However, we were more excited to deliver two of the pies to our neighbors. Half the fun of creating and baking things is sharing it with others.

After the beautiful pies were baked to a golden brown, we set out and delivered them to two very special families we are very close with. The other two were ours to enjoy that evening by a warm fire. Now you understand what I mean by this Saturday being an ideal country day and a Hallmark movie scene.

As fun as the day was, it also reminded me to always do things for others when you can. If you’re baking a pie, bring a piece to your neighbor. It wasn’t the delicious pie that was the best part, it was making it together and seeing the smiles of our friends when we delivered them. Always do things for others, and always do good with pie. 🙂

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