Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! Or should I say, Friyay! Every week seems to fly by and it’s already August! Where is the time going? My Friday Favorites are all about Pinterest today. Yep, Pinterest. More specifically, my Pinterest boards.


One of my Pinterest boards that I am working on is Blogspiration. Here, I focus on tips for bloggers and writers. I have found so many articles that have been so helpful for me as a blogger! I came across All Things E on Pinterest, a fellow blogger. I found a list of tips (below) and saved it right away. It has given me so many tips and inspirational advice that have already been so helpful! Thanks, All Things E!

Photo: All Things E


Ok, you all know I love making cheesecake and pie. They are my specialties. However, on this board, I have not only been pinning treats, but also healthy recipes. I LOVE avocados and have found so many salads that I want to try this summer. YUM is the perfect title for this board. One tasty recipe I found is by Half Baked Harvest. It is a roasted tomato and burrata cheese tart. It looks so DELICIOUS! I am definitely trying it this week.

Photo: Half Baked Harvest


I love quotes. I read them all the time. Seriously, I love them. I created a board full of words of wisdom and words that touch me in some way. Here are a few quotes you can find on my board…

“Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.”

“There’s something in you that the world needs.”

“Better to be the one who smiled  than the one who didn’t smile back.”

Good quotes, right? 🙂

My Kind Of Style

I could get lost looking at all of the dresses and cute outfits I find. This board is all about styles I love and want to try one day! Take a look. 🙂

Follow me on Pinterest to keep up with my latest boards! I am going to add a lot more soon! I promise you won’t be disappointed. 🙂 Also, comment a link to your Pinterest so I can follow you too!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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