The Beauty Of Sunsets

Sunsets are probably one of the most simple and beautiful things people take for granted. They happen everyday, which is a big reason people don’t take time to enjoy them. The other day, I began to think how so many people take things for granted – sunsets, family, friends and life in general. Though I am guilty of this too, we should do our best to change this negative habit.

I have a perfect example of taking simple events for granted. Last year, Nic used to drive me back to school on Monday mornings and it became a routine for us. We would put on the radio, sip some coffee and chat about life. It was always early in the morning and we were tired, but we didn’t mind. Then, before I knew it, it all became different. Nic got a new job, my classes changed and we stopped having our Monday morning car rides. I became so sad that I had taken this Monday morning drive for granted because before I knew it, it all became different.

The sunset reminded me of these Monday car rides. Whenever you begin to take an event in your life for granted, change your mindset. Take a deep breath and remember to enjoy the little things that happen in your everyday life.

Next time the sun is rising or setting, go and watch it. The beauty of sunsets is that they teach us that everyday is a chance to start over. Use those new days to go out, be happy and enjoy the simple things that are bigger than you think.


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