Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! What a week it has been. This busy week has been full of adventure and new settings, so let’s jump right in to my Friday Favorites!

Simplicity (with the help of Menards)

Remodeling and decorating the condo has given me many ideas about simple changes that make a huge difference. Our cabinets are white and they all seemed to blend together. Not only that, but they were also very difficult to open. So, my mom found black knobs at Menards that literally changed the whole look of the kitchen! I couldn’t believe how such a small change made the room look entirely different.

casually christiana.jpg


This week, a favorite of mine has been exploring the beautiful city! We’ve been to different restaurants and famous landmarks. I have quickly discovered that this city is truly special. There is so much to do, and always something going on. What I love is that it’s big city, but not one that I feel I’ll get lost in. It’s perfect and I can’t wait to see what else it has in store.


Stevie Wonder

Lately I’ve been giving a lot of song recommendations, but there is always a new one I’m excited about! This week it has been Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) by Stevie Wonder. Ever since Nic and I went to his friend’s wedding a few months ago, this song has been stuck in my head. It’s such an uplifting beat that just makes you want to dance!

casually christiana.jpg

I hope you all have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine!

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