Make It A September To Remember

Happy September! Can you believe it’s already a new month? I always love the beginning of a new month. It always feels like a fresh start with new goals and adventures. Why limit resolutions to a year when you can have monthly resolutions?!

As you could have guessed, fall is my FAVORITE season and it’s 21 days away (who’s counting though). I’ve been pretty busy on Pinterest lately, finding fall pins and getting so many ideas for the crisp, cool weather.  Leaves are already changing colors and I am beyond excited.


September isn’t only a month to remember because fall is arriving, but there are a few other reasons. First, it’s half marathon month! AH! It’s here, it’s near and i’m nervous (in a good way, mostly). I’ve had a hard time sticking to a work out schedule with school and moving, but i’ve been making it work. I’m planning on running 10 miles tomorrow to prep for the 13.1 I have to run. Stay tuned, friends.

Another reason this month is special is because it will be my first full month of graduate school. My first week was everything I expected. I love my classes, my teachers and made new friends. Also, have I mentioned how much I love Marquette? Not only that, living in Milwaukee with Nic has been such an exciting new chapter in our lives. Enjoying the city is truly perfect and decorating our place together makes it all the more special. He has been traveling for work a lot lately, but once life slows down, we’ll be able to take that stroll in the park and by the lake. I love these two new signs for our room from Home Goods, they are perfect for us.


I hope you all make this a month to remember. 🙂 Happy September, all!

What are you planning on doing this month? I’d love to hear!

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