Friday Favorites

Happy (end of the day) Friday, everyone!

Today was such a full day and I didn’t have time to write my weekly Friday Favorites blog in the morning. However, that is no excuse! I could not leave you all without my weekly blog. Here are my (late) Friday Favorites!


Ok, I have to brag because you all know how much I love running. You all also know how my training has been all over the place lately. As you read yesterday, I wanted to run 9 miles to train for my half marathon. Well, today I ended up running 11.54 miles. THAT’S RIGHT! I was so beyond proud of myself because I set a goal for myself months ago and I knew I was going to make it happen. Although I have been busy, I wasn’t going to give up. This is so important to me and I knew I was going to see it through. My half marathon is 23 days away, and I have never felt so ready! Also, I saw some pretty leaves on my run. Fall, I can almost feel you!



I love celebrations, whether they’re for birthdays, weddings, you name it. This week, we celebrated my first week of graduate school. It’s not the traditional celebration, but it’s an accomplishment I am proud of. Who said you can’t celebrate your accomplishments and victories?! Cheers!

casually christiana beer.jpg


I am so excited because soon we get to hang up our new lighting fixtures at our new place! They have an industrial feel to them, and we love it! Nic and I picked them out this week and we are so excited to hang them up. Naturally, I took photos of Nic and I buying (and choosing) the lights. Are you surprised? 🙂

casually christiana lights.jpg

I hope you all had a wonderful day and that you all have a lovely Labor Day Weekend!


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