3 Ways To Lessen Your Stressen’

Being stressed in stressful. Maybe it’s your workload, homework or any other curveball that life throws your way. Stress is inevitable and you can’t change that. BUT, you CAN change how you deal with it.

1. Lavender

I love me some lavender! I grow some in my garden and try to use it as  much as I can, usually in my iced tea. I also have lavender lotion that smells amazing. I loved lavender before I even realized all the health benefits it holds. An article by Health even said that simply breathing in lavender helps lower your heart rate, blood pressure and helps you get to sleep. WIN! Not only that, but it tastes good. DOUBLE WIN.

2. Tea 

Tea is wonderful for stress, chamomile in particular. It has way more benefits than just tasting good. It helps you calm down, stay healthy, relax and rid some of that stress. I drink it some nights after a long day, and it’s never failed in making me drowsy and relaxed before bed.


3. The Right Food

You may not have realized it, but there are certain foods that are  really helpful in saying goodbye to stress. Whole-wheat pretzels, carrots, yogurt and dark chocolate (YES) are just a few foods highlighted by the ever so wonderful Food Network. Try to include some of these foods in your diet, especially on days you know your stress level may be higher than others.

Also, walks and runs do wonders. Short or long. Water and nature always has a way of calming me.

Hopefully, this can help you with your stress as much as it helps me.

Do you have any useful techniques or tips? Let me know, I would love to hear!


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