Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, all! What a week it has been and I am SO happy it’s the weekend! Here are a few of my Friday Favorites!

Mimma’s Cafe

Looking for delicious, authentic Italian food with a side of exceptional service (and amazing wine)? Your answer is Mimma’s Cafe in Milwaukee. This restaurant is located on Brady Street and is SO cozy. We actually had Mimma cooking when we went and the food was incredible. We were SO impressed. I am already excited to go back again!



I don’t go to the movies often, but Sully was a movie I REALLY wanted to see. Let me tell you, it was AMAZING. My mom and I went and saw it, and we both agreed we would see it over and over and over again and love it just as much each time. I love plane documentaries (thanks to Nic) and I was always so interested in US Airways Flight 1549. The movie was dramatic, intense and memorable. If you are looking for a good to movie to see, I DEFINITELY recommend Sully.

PS: Did anyone else initially think “Sully”  was about Sully from Monsters Inc.?

Home Decor

Our place is getting cozier each day as we add on more decor! Nic installed all of the new light fixtures which really changed the feel of the rooms. The lights are allen + roth and we are so impressed with them! I’ve started framing photos, hanging up pictures and crafting. More photos to come!

IMG_5315.JPG FullSizeRender-1.jpg

*Blog update: FALL IS NEAR. So you can expect many blogs on fall. I hope you’re as excited as I am. 🙂

I hope you all had a great day and have a great weekend.


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