Being The Bigger Person

At least once in our lives, we have heard someone tell us to just be the bigger person in a situation. I’ve even said it to people, too. It’s a common quote that holds much validity. However, there is a lot more involved in the words than just a simple quote.

Being the bigger person requires one to look past an episode of hurt. Being hurt isn’t easy, and looking past it isn’t any easier. However, we do it because life is too short to hold onto anger.

What I have learned from this saying is that there is a good side to it and a bad side. The good side? You really ARE the bigger person by looking past an episode of hurt and anger. The bad? It can result in causing you more pain.

I’ve learned that this saying is true to an extent. I completely agree that it’s important to be the bigger person. If nobody was the “bigger person” how would we move on? It’s crucial and it makes YOU a stronger person by letting go and forgiving. Why fill your heart with anger?

I’ve also learned that it’s ok to stop giving chances. Sometimes, being the bigger person causes you to give somebody 100 chances, because you hope they see the same light you do. Though this totally can happen (and often does), it’s not guaranteed. If this is the case, it’s ok to think of yourself and your well-being to realize if a friendship isn’t healthy for you. We often forget to think about ourselves and our own well-being.

Nic often reminds me that if someone isn’t making you feel good as a person and isn’t lifting you up, why keep them in your life? Simple, right?

It’s TRUE. Surround yourself with those who lift you up, who love you and genuinely care about you. The other people who don’t lift you up? It’s ok to let go. Continue being the bigger person, but don’t forget to remember what you deserve.

Always remember, life is too short to not soak in as much happiness from the ones you love. Give love and get love. That’s what matters.


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