Training Your Mind

Training my mind is something I have been working on. I have a tendency to overthink situations and many times, create scenarios in my head that aren’t even true. This leads to negative outcomes, such as worrying and being stressed about situations that I don’t need to be stressed about to begin with. Therefore, it’s critical to train your mind to stop overthinking and start thinking positively.


I’m a very positive person. I always look on the bright side of situations, look for the best in people and enjoy the simple things in life. However, I let overthinking get to me sometimes. The good news about that is that it can be dealt with and fixed.

The other day, my mom bought me a beautiful orchid. I LOVE orchids and always wanted one. When she got it for me and I placed it in our living room, I realized that something as simple as this plant helped me relax and clear my head. This got me thinking about what else helps me train my mind to relax.

One way I’ve learned to train my mind is by running, walking and being outdoors. Whether it’s a 5 minute walk, a 3 mile run or simply sitting near the lake and taking a few deep breathes, it makes ALL the difference. With graduate school, I often feel like I don’t have time to do things like sit outside, so I do my best to time manage so I can make time to be outside and clear my mind.

Another way I’ve learned to train my mind is by talking out situations. If there is something bothering me, I talk it out either to myself or someone else. What exactly is bothering me? Why is it bothering me? What can I do to fix it? Sometimes, when you talk out what you’re worrying about, you’re able to work it out. You also may learn you’re creating a situation in your head that may not even be true. Isn’t that the worst?

Lastly, another thing that helps calm my mind is writing and reading. Clearly, it’s no surprise that I love to write. Writing serves as my escape from reality and a way to focus on one thought at a time. Find out what your escape is and do it! Whether it’s cooking, drawing, coloring or writing, embrace it.

I’ve learned it’s critical to train your mind to relax and focus on positivity. Life is hectic and doesn’t slow down for anybody. We need to treat each day as a gift and find the positive aspects of different situations. If you’re worrying about something, talk it out. If you need time to think, go for a walk. If that doesn’t work, find something that does.  Don’t waste a day of happiness by being consumed by your thoughts. Train your mind and relax. Life is a beautiful thing and we need to remember to see the beauty in it, even when it may be difficult.

What do you do to calm your mind? How do you train your mind to relax? I would love to hear from you!

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