Exploring Milwaukee

I can’t believe Nic and I have already been in Milwaukee for a little over two months now. Time has been going by so quickly but we are enjoying every minute of it.

We live near the lake, so we are so lucky for the beautiful views we get to see on a regular basis. Walking near the lake and enjoying the views will never get old. The fall colors are absolutely stunning and we are trying to soak in every minute of the fall beauty.


Last night, we went to Screaming Tuna and we were beyond impressed (and stuffed). The Sunday special was half off sushi and $3 beers so that was an offer we could not refuse. We got a variety of different sushi, two lakefront beers and enjoyed the view of the river outside the window. I can easily say if you’re looking for amazing sushi in Milwaukee, Screaming Tuna is THE way to go.

casually christiana mke.jpg

The Third Ward is another area I absolutely love! We haven’t gotten a chance to explore The Third Ward much (Nic’s job and my schoolwork get really hectic) but I love what we’ve seen so far. The buildings are one of a kind, the shops are adorable, the coffee is great and the food is fantastic! The Milwaukee Public Market is another spot that you have to go to if you’re in Milwaukee. There are so many delicious options for food and drinks as well as cute merchandise. It’s a great place for lunch, shopping or a simple stroll.

We’ve also had a fun time working on making our place ours. We went to IKEA a few weeks ago (it was my FIRST TIME and surely won’t be my last) and got a few cute pieces of furniture. We got an entrance table, lamps and a bookshelf that Nic put together right away (he’s the best). Our place started out pretty empty, but we’ve slowly been filling it with pieces we love. It was our plan to start out with minimal furniture so we could only add pieces we knew would fit and that match our personalities. It was a good plan, indeed.

IMG_0418 (1).jpg
Our new entrance table from IKEA

As busy as Nic is with his job and I am with grad school, we still make time for dates and projects which I think is SO important. Life is busy but you NEED to find time for fun and spend time with people you love. We’ve only been here for a few months and Milwaukee has been nothing but incredible to us. I couldn’t be happier living here with Nic and enjoying all of our adventures together (even if it is watching Netflix cuddled up on the couch after a long day).

If any of you have any places you love in Milwaukee, let me know! We are always up for trying new places. 🙂

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