DIY Halloween Decorations

This Halloween weekend, we decided to throw a party. To begin planning, Hannah and I got out our computers, went on Pinterest and started mapping out ideas for decorations and food. We didn’t want to buy too many decorations, because we wanted to make a lot of them ourselves. Not only was this a good idea budget wise, it made the decorating process so much more fun and personal. Seriously, making the decorations was a blast.

Trash Bag Spider Webs

One spooky decoration we made were spider webs! These webs were perfect for corners of the room and definitely got everyone in the mood for halloween. We used black trash bags, followed a few simple steps of folding and cutting and voila, spider webs!

Click here for directions.


Mummy Candles 

Another cute DIY decoration we made were mummy candles. These were so cute and super easy to make. The supplies needed included jars, eyes, gauze and candles. We wrapped the jars in gauze, stuck eyes on them and lit a tiny candle inside. They are so simple and definitely a great touch.


Skull Cookie

If you’re looking to make a cookie cake that’s healthy and creative, you have come to the right blog. This healthy skull cake was so easy to make and so fun to decorate with different fruits! We made this cake before the party and stored it in the refrigerator until we were ready to serve it. This was the perfect spooky treat to have!

Find the recipe from Growing Up Bilingual here.


Halloween Photo Booth 

If you love taking cute photos, a DIY photo booth is what you need! Hannah brought a big piece of cardboard, cut it, spray painted it and wrote Halloween 2016 on it. In addition to the polaroid frame, Hannah and Nic made props out of construction paper and sticks. These were adorable additions that made our pictures so much cuter and more memorable.

IMG_0562.jpg  IMG_0564.jpg

This party was so much fun and a lot of the fun was creating the wonderful decorations together. They were easy, budget friendly and spookily cute. Consider these decorations next time you’re planing to throw a halloween bash!

If you have any DIY decorations, comment below and let me know. It’s never to early to gather ideas for next year. 🙂

I hope you all have a spook-tacular halloween!


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