12 Acts Of Kindness and Holiday Cheer

HAPPY DECEMBER! Can you believe it’s December? Or, should I say, the most wonderful time of the year! There is SO much to be done this month and I am so excited! Christmas is just around the corner.

As part of December, I have created a checklist. This checklist is called 12 Acts Of Kindness and Holiday Cheer, and it’s something I am going to do my best to complete this month. Not only that, but I would love if YOU would complete it with me! The world can always use more kindness and cheer.

  1. GIVE (whether it’s money to a charity or your time volunteering)
  2. Tell someone you love that you APPRECIATE them
  3. DONATE old mittens, scarves, jackets or hats to a local shelter or group
  4. PAY IT FORWARD (In whatever way you choose. A few years ago at a Starbucks drive thru, someone paid for the car behind them. This continued for over an hour, and I was lucky enough to be part of it. I’m hoping to recreate that this month)
  5. CALL someone you haven’t talked to in a while (an aunt, grandparent or old friend… you choose)
  6. SEND a Christmas card…. or many (This is the first year I ordered Christmas cards of Nic and I. I am SO excited to send them out)
  7. MAKE an ornament or BAKE a treat for your neighbors (I’m planning on making peppermint cookies for our neighbors this year)
  8. BUY a book or toy for a child
  9. THANK someone for their time
  10. COMPLIMENT someone who needs a smile
  11. Leave NOTES (whether it’s to your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, parent, sibling)
  12. SPREAD LOVE (smile at others, make others laugh and spread cheer)

I am so excited to check off the items on this list this December. It’s so important to remember that an act of kindness goes a long way.

Who wants to join in on Casually Christiana’s 12 Acts Of Kindness and Holiday Cheer? 

If you want to, simply comment below. When you complete a task, you can email/comment a photo or write a comment about how your act of kindness went. I’m planning on writing a blog with photos and stories from other people to show how far a simple act of kindness can go.

Are you ready to spread kindness and cheer this month?

Email photos and stories to or comment below


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