Snowy Sunday

Today, we had our first snowfall of December!

I know, I know, it’s a pain to drive in and sometimes walk in. However, I have always loved the first snowfall. It’s fresh, new and makes me feel like a kid again. There has always been something special about those snowflakes falling from the sky.

On this snowy Sunday, Nic and I took full advantage of enjoying the snow as well as staying cozy in the warmth of our home. We went outside, smiled as we watched the snowflakes from the sky and made the most of a simple moment. Then, we came inside and watched Christmas movies with hot chocolate. I know, cozy right? After that, we set up a train under our Christmas tree, one of our final holiday touches!

casually christiana train.jpg

I have always loved Sundays, as you probably remember reading in Cozy Sunday. However, the first snowfall sure made this day even cozier. I love how the little things in life bring so much happiness.

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday, snowy or not!

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