Success and Hard Work

Today, I wanted to write a post about how proud I am of Nic and how hard work, long nights and long days pay off. Success isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. I always knew that, but I’ve been reminded of it with a recent project of Nic’s.


Nic works for MainStage Theatrical Supply and their entire office works incredibly hard year round. One of the recent projects Nic and MainStage worked on was the Milwaukee Gas Light Building.

What most people saw was the light show happen this last week and the beautiful display that was truly a site for anyone in the city or watching it on the news.

What most people didn’t see? All of the hard work, long nights and early mornings that went into making that building light up in its immense beauty.


I swear, some days I only saw Nic for a few minutes. Many nights, he was working with his coworkers and others assigned to the project to design the lights and make it look as wonderful as it could possibly look. Nic, MainStage and others worked so hard to make this building look spectacular. It didn’t happen overnight and it sure didn’t happen in a day. Success takes days, months and sometimes even years. Often, people see beauty, but don’t see the hard work and time that goes into it.

Milwaukee Biz Journal.png
This photo was taken by Kenny Yoo and the Milwaukee Business Journal! There are so many great photos, check them out!


So, to Nic, his coworkers at MainStage and everyone else who contributed to this project, you have done a fantastic job. You have transformed a historical building and made it light up with life and color. You have shown what hard work and dedication lead to and you have also shown what success is and what it takes to get there.

If any of you are in Milwaukee, stop by and see this amazing building for yourself! It truly is an incredible site. Also, check out these incredible photos from the Milwaukee Business Journal!


  • Ann Morgan

    Nice blog Christianna (as usual!). Congratulations to Nic on a job well done! How fun to be a part of such an historic project. I can hardly wait to see the weather beacon the next time I am in Milwaukee. Thank you for all the pictures and links…much appreciated. The light show was fantastic! Hope to see you both soon!

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