Holiday Life Lessons

Wow, how is Christmas over already? Where in the world did the holiday weekend go? I feel like I blinked and it was over. Life just goes by too fast and I wish it would slow down.

This holiday weekend was busy, but extremely fun and memorable. Nic and I split up the holiday and spent time with each of our families and it was wonderful being able to see everyone during this special weekend. I love seeing family and I am very close to them, so being able to spend time with my family as well as Nic’s warmed my heart in many ways.

In addition to spending time with family, this holiday served as an important reminder and taught me a few life lessons that I think everyone can benefit from. I looked back on the weekend and realized that in these few days, I experienced different situations that all became important life lessons.

Life Lesson 1: Live In The Moment And Focus On The Positive 

My grandpa is 87, and as you have read in previous blogs, we are VERY close. Since the day I was born, we were best friends. I’m not kidding, we are inseparable. What has been one of the most difficult things to go through is watching him age. I remember him carrying me home from school on his shoulders, playing golf in the park and going on hikes in the state park. Seeing how difficult it is for him to hardly walk now breaks by heart. However,I am consistently reminded not to look at it that way, but instead, to look at it as a blessing that I still get to spend time with him and share and create new memories. It’s a wonderful reminder to focus on the POSITIVE and live in the moment. Why waste precious time being sad? It’s not worth it. Instead of being sad about seeing my grandpa struggle with walking, I am choosing to change my mindset and enjoy the memories we are making now in this moment, because there are many of them.

Life Lesson 2: Never Take Anything For Granted

The last weekend, my grandma hurt her ankle and in the blink of an eye, she was also having a difficult time walking. One minute she was fine, the other she was hurt. Luckily, the injury wasn’t serious and she was still able to walk, but it just showed how life can change in a second. This situation opened my eyes and made me realize that change happens quickly, often when we’re not ready. Therefore, keeping this in mind, we can’t ever take anything or anyone for granted.

Life Lesson 3: Don’t Be Overwhelmed

There is always a lot to be done during holidays, that’s a given. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, getting meals ready or visiting families, try not to let the stress make you upset. Take a breathe and don’t be stressed (hey, that even rhymes). Enjoy the chaos and love every single moment of it. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to be calm when your turkey gets burned or you have a flat tire, but just enjoy it. Find a way to smile and keep on going.

This holiday weekend was wonderful and memorable, and opened my eyes to important lessons.  Enjoy EVERY single day, because every moment is a gift, whether it’s during the holidays or not.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


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