Looking Up

It is freezing outside and the roads are covered in ice, but that didn’t stop me from venturing outside. I love the outdoors, so I do my best to go outside, even if the air hurts my face.

Today, I went for a walk and it was so beautiful and relaxing. The weather conditions were not ideal, but I wanted to go for a walk regardless. As I began my walk, I looked at the frosted trees, the icy road and the gentle snowflakes that were falling from the sky. I kept walking and got to the frozen lake, where the air was really hurting my face now (but I pretended it didn’t bother me). I watched the ice splash around in the water and listened to the soft sounds of nature around me. I brought my camera with me on my walk, and was taking photos of the sites around me.

As I turned around and began walking back, I looked up and took photos of the trees above me. I have seen these trees a million times, but never took the time to stand underneath them and take photos. By simply looking up, it allowed me to see something I’ve seen for years in a different way.

This made me realize that often, we don’t soak in the beauty that has surrounded us for years. Sometimes, we see things but don’t really look at them. Today, this wintery walk reminded me to look up and find the new beauties in life. They are everywhere, and sometimes in the most obvious places.

Next time you’re taking a walk, look up. You never know the beauty you may discover.


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