Photoshoots and Exploration

Happy February! Can you believe it’s already a new month?!

I love blogging (no surprise there) and I am always working on making Casually Christiana the best it can be. This last weekend, I took my blog a step higher and had a photoshoot with one of my best friends, Hannah. She has quite an artistic eye and I was beyond excited to get started on photos.

On Sunday, we drove around Milwaukee to find the perfect spot for photos. One thing I love about this city is that there is so much beauty in hidden places. We drove down to a quieter area of the city where there is old architecture, bright colors and an artsy industrial feel.

We found some perfect spots for photos and began our photoshoot! The air was chilly and snowflakes were falling from the sky, but that just made the photos that much more fun. The whole time we were taking photos, I couldn’t stop smiling. Hannah and I were giggling, the scenery was flawless and I couldn’t wait to share the photos with you all.

After we finished taking photos and I was eagerly waiting to get them back, I realized that it is so important to take in the beauty of your surroundings and simply go out and explore. There is so much hidden beauty out there and it’s exciting and to go out and find it.

Here are a few of Casually Christiana’s new photos. Enjoy!







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