Staying Calm and Organized

Happy Saturday, everyday!

With my busy schedule, I have been learning and developing new techniques and methods to stay calm and organized (two very important things in life). So, I thought I’d share some tips with you that have been working for  me.


I don’t know what I would do without my planner (mine shown in this blog is Kate Spade and I got it at Barnes & Noble in 2016 for a great price). I bring it with me everywhere. This is one MAJOR way I am able to stay organized. Whenever I have an assignment due, a meeting planned or a date I need to remember, I immediately write it down in my planner. Before I had a planner, I would either try to remember everything (bad idea) or I would write it in a million different places (another bad idea). The easy solution for this was a planner, whether it’s a physical paper planner of one on your phone.


Another thing that helps me stay organized is creating lists. For this, I generally use my phone, but I also carry a little notebook with me in my purse. Creating lists helps me remember what I have to do, who I have to email r or even a book I want to read. It’s a simple way that keeps you organized. Because really, who can remember every little thing? I know I can’t.


Exercise helps A LOT! Sometimes, I don’t have time to go work out (or I am just too tired) so  I have a solution for that problem… stairs. I ALWAYS use the stairs whenever I can and I use the elevator as a last resort. This was simple change in my day that really made a difference. By doing some sort of physical activity each day, it helps me stay calm. Maybe stairs don’t work for you, and that’s fine! Just find what DOES work for you and try to incorporate it daily. It will make a huge difference in a short amount of time. Trust me.

Weekly Goals

I have also found that goals have helped me a lot. I have a few goals that I have set for myself lately. For example, being in graduate school, there is always so much to be done. Therefore, it’s a goal of mine to get my homework done at least two days in advance so I don’t get too stressed. Another goal of mine is to walk  10,000 steps a day (I love my Fitbit) and drink more water. I have a habit of not drinking enough water and feeling dizzy because of it. Nic has always reminded me to drink water, and now that I’ve made it a goal, I feel a major positive change. You’d be surprised how much these goals help me stay calm and organized.

I made a Weekly Goals Sheet that you can download so you can easily keep track of your goals!

DIRECTIONS (If you are signed into your gmail account)

  1. Click on this LINK
  2. Go to FILE and hit MAKE A COPY
  3. Name your sheet and save it to your drive

DIRECTIONS (If you are NOT signed into your gmail account)

  1. Click on the LINK
  2. Go to FILE and click DOWNLOAD AS
  3. Click on either EXCEL or PDF

If you have any trouble with the instructions, email me at casuallychristiana@gmail.com

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 1.19.00 PM.png

Take some time today to set some goals for yourself for Monday! There is no time like the present.

These tips have helped me A LOT with staying calm and organized. However, I always love to hear from you! So tell me, what helps you stay calm and organized?



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