Tea: My 3 Favorites

Happy Wednesday, my friends! How is your day going? I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Mine was great – Nic made dinner, we had champagne and watched a movie. He got me a beautiful bouquet of roses, that happened to match my post for today! Woohoo!


I am a huge coffee drinker. However, lately, I drink more tea and less coffee. I don’t have a reason for this, I guess it’s just my latest phase. For as long as I can remember, my favorite tea flavor was always peppermint. Seriously, peppermint tea was the ONLY tea I ever drank.

I discovered Harney & Sons Peppermint Tea at my parent’s house and immediately became obsessed with it. It was some of the best tea I ever had. I expanded my tea pallet, and ended up finding two more flavors that were JUST as delicious. Here are my 3 favorite teas (all of which happen to be Harney & Sons).


Peppermint Herbal 

Here is the famous peppermint tea I just talked about. It’s so delicious and has the perfect amount of peppermint in every sachet. Personally, I love having it before bed. It calms me down and gets me ready to sleep. What’s great about peppermint is that it has a calming element to it. There are also a ton of health benefits to peppermint – so you can’t lose with peppermint tea!

Green Tea with Coconut 

This tea is unlike any other I’ve had. It has green tea, coconut, vanilla, ginger and lemongrass (YUM). I just ordered this last week from Amazon and it’s SO GOOD. It has the perfect blend of all of the ingredients, and there are no overpowering elements.

Tropical Green

This tea has china green teas with pineapple. Just like the coconut tea, it’s not overpowering or acidic. It’s light, fresh and tropical. I don’t like drinks that are really acidic, so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this tea. I am very pleased. Clearly.

If you’re looking for some new tea to add to your collection, check these out!

What is your favorite tea?

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