5 Running Essentials

This 50 degree weather has been giving me major spring fever! I know this isn’t good to think considering it’s STILL February… but hey, a girl can dream right? One of the many things I get excited about when the weather gets warmer is running outside (no surprise there). As I’ve started to run outside again, I’ve realized that there are some running essentials that help make my run the best it can be. These essentials all help me in their individual ways.

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Jersey Tank – I always wear jersey tanks when I go for a run. I never really like wearing shirts with sleeves when I run, so I always go for the sleeveless tops. What I love about jersey tanks is that they’re light and keep you cool when you run. I HATE when the top I’m wearing is too heavy and not light enough, it can really ruin my run.

Leggings – When I wear leggings when I run, they need to be the right kind. For me, this means they have to be breathable, light, reflective and have a comfortable waistband. All of these things are essential for me, otherwise I won’t be comfortable.

Socks – Ok, socks are a MAJOR part of a good run. Years ago, I didn’t put any thought into my socks. For some, this may be fine. For me, it wasn’t. I would wear heavy socks that were not breathable and went below my ankle – bad. I need my socks to be breathable as I’m out running and they need to be high enough so I don’t get blisters (you do NOT want blisters).

Belt – I. Love. This. Belt. It is THE best. I prefer these over arm bands because I can easily access my phone, change my music and keep my keys in it. And, it matches with my leggings so you can’t even really tell it’s not part of them.

Shoes – The right shoes are a hit or miss. It took me awhile to find the right pair. I actually chatted with a Nike employee on their website and they helped me find the right pair for me. I would recommend this, because they ask questions tailored to you and what you plan on using them for. For  me, I got the Air Zoom Pegasus and they are ah-mazing. I highly recommend these.

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine as much as I am! If you go for a run/walk, I hope these essentials of mine help you out, too. Don’t forget to check out my half marathon training for beginners blog if you’re planning on running one in the future.

Have a great weekend, everyone!




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