Feeling Fancy -5 Drinks To Try

Hey, friends! How are you? The weather lately is seriously amazing – I love it! As you all know, I am a huge fan of Pinterest. I love finding different pins about all sorts of thing like traveling, blogging and fashion. Lately, I’ve started pinning drinks that I’ve found that are super fancy. I love my glass of rose, don’t get me wrong. But, sometimes, it’s fun to be fancy.

Here are 5 drinks that I’ve found on Pinterest from fellow bloggers that you NEED to try!

Lavender Lemonade {via Julie Blanner}

shower cocktail.jpg

If the name isn’t enough to make you crave it, wait until you hear the recipe. I love lavender for many reasons. One of these reasons is because of the health benefits it holds. It’s tasty, calming AND easy to grow (I’ve been growing lavender for years). This recipe is easy, quick AND it looks very impressive

Get the recipe here.

Blackberry Thyme Champagne Cocktail {via Style Me Pretty Living}


“Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.” Sorry, I had to throw that F. Scott Fitzgerald quote in there. This drink takes only about 15 minutes to prepare and looks just as beautiful as it tastes. This is a great drink to make next time you’re having company over, or for a quiet date night.

Get the recipe here.

Plum and Thyme Prosecco Smash {via My Diary of Us)


I love the idea of plums and thyme in a cocktail. I also grow thyme in my garden, which makes this another fun drink to make with fresh ingredients. Plums aren’t always given the attention they deserve, so this cocktail is a great way to use a fruit that you may forget about.

Get the recipe here.

Coconut Moscow Mule [via Elle Talk}


I am a huge fan of coconut. Seriously. I love it. So, it’s no surprise a coconut moscow mule is on my list of fancy drinks. This is a great way to change up your usual moscow mule and add a different kick to it. Yum!

Get the recipe here.

Chamomile Honey And Whiskey Cocktail {via A Cozy Kitchen}


Last weekend, Nic and I went out with some friends and I had sangria with honey in it. It was so good, and it got me thinking about incorporating honey into cocktails. Also, you all know I love tea, so this drink also incorporates tea – YES!

Get the recipe here.


What are your favorite cocktails and fancy drinks? Comment below and let me know! 

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    1. I know, it’s delicious! And yes, lavender is so easy to grow. I planted it in a big pot and water it every so often. I leave it out during the summer and bring it inside during the winter. It’s been growing for years and it’s so easy. I love using it for lemonade and iced tea!

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