Wedding Hacks + All Things Love with Kelly & Dillon From He Coffee She Tea

Hey everyone! I am beyond excited because I had the chance to interview my fellow blogging friends, Kelly and Dillon from He Coffee She Tea. High school sweethearts, adventure seekers, bloggers… yes. They are that great.

They’re an incredible couple with a blog you will fall in love with.  They got married on New Years Eve, and they’ve been providing their readers with helpful tips for wedding planning, marriage tips, wedding hacks and more.

I know you will all enjoy reading what they have to say just as much as I do.


Tell us about yourselves! 

We’re Kelly and Dillon- husband and wife duo.  We met back in highschool, and the rest is history!

What inspired you to start your blog, He Coffee She Tea?

We were big blog followers for some time.  Beautiful things and compelling stories inspire us, so we loved finding blogs to follow together.  While that was the inspiration, we knew our lives were just starting and we had so much we wanted to capture and document for years to come. So, in classic Millennial style, we made a blog!

What makes your blog different from others?

We really like the lifestyle blog content, but we thought it would be fun to work together as a couple.  It wasn’t something we saw as frequently, and felt like it was more us.

You just got married! Tell us about your proposal and wedding.

We got engaged November 14, 2015 at Devil’s Lake State Park. Us and our close highschool friends planned to go hiking that day, but little did I (Kelly) know, it was all a setup for the proposal.  Overlooking the lake, Dillon popped the question!  Our friends knew all along and even secretly toted up bottles of champagne.

Our wedding was on New Year’s Eve 2016, and it was the best day of our lives.  It’s hard to put our joy into words.  We’ve never been happier.


What are some wedding hacks you’ve learned during your wedding planning process?

I would say plan early and often. One way I (Kelly) did this was texting myself/ writing memos on my phone. When I had an idea or remembered something I immediately would write it down.  If I didn’t, it would have been more of a scramble!

We used google sheets/excel for everything. It was so helpful for budgets, addresses, RSVPs, and seating. This was a lifesaver for organization.

The biggest hack: compromise. Be willing to sacrifice some things. We know, easier said than done! In the long run it makes the process much smoother, though.

What were some of your favorite ways to stay organized during the wedding planning process?

Pinterest, Pinterest, and more Pinterest.  This was our one way to always keep our focus and vision throughout the year of planning.

I (Kelly) had a calendar that was specifically for wedding things.  I broke down the massive to-do list and gave myself monthly goals.  Really helped!

You love DIY projects. How did you incorporate those in your wedding?

(Giggle)  We do love DIY projects, but we are by no means pros! (Our table number holders were not our shining moment!)  We DIYed some projects that we thought we could hand craft for much less money. But, the real glory goes to our family and friends who willingly brought to life our dreams.  From wooden signs to centerpiece blocks, we enlisted all the help we could with DIY projects.


What were your favorite wedding go-to magazines or blogs?

Green Wedding Shoes is an all time favorite for wedding blogs. Style Me Pretty is another great one!

As for magazines we loved Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, and Brides magazine.

How did you remain stress-free despite having so much to do?

Confession: we didn’t totally remain stress free all the time. There were big ol’ fights about the silliest things!  We did try to set ourselves up to avoid stress like that, though – by having lots of people on board to help

What are some tips you can offer in regards to wedding planning, or planning an event in general?

Stay organized, set goals, drink wine. But for real!  Take time to sit down and focus on the best parts of the planning process- preparing to spend the rest of your life with your best friend!  Now that deserves a toast.

Were there any tools you used that helped you plan?

Like we said Pinterest, Excel/ Google were the tools we used on a daily basis.  Wouldn’t have survived without those!

What’s ahead for He Coffee She Tea?

For us, we’ve got a big trip overseas coming up!  That’s taking up much of our time as we get ready to document those adventures.

As for the blog, we’ve got some ideas up our sleeve!  Maybe a new layout, perhaps some services, and hopefully some resources for our followers. Stay tuned!


Quick Questions…

What was your wedding song?

“Latch” (acoustic) by Disclosure

What is your favorite drink?

Dill-a good IPA

Kell- glass of vino

What is your favorite book?

Dill-A Series of Unfortunate Events by Daniel Handler

Kell- To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

What is your favorite podcast?

Our newest favorite is The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher

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