Simple and Easy Indoor Plant Organization

HAPPY FRIDAY, FRIENDS! It was a good week, but I am definitely ready for some major R&R. Today’s blog is short but sweet. As many of you know, I love my indoor plants. When we first moved to our new place, I didn’t have any because I wasn’t sure where I wanted to put them. After a few weeks and a lot of rearranging, I finally figured it out. Today, I wanted to share my current plant stand with you because I  really do love it.

At first, I was putting my plants on our side table next to the couch, and that was a recipe for disaster. Not only that, but they were all cluttered on the table and weren’t getting enough sunlight.

This stand is from Target. It’s not sold with the sole intent to be a plant stand, but that’s what I use it for (creativity, right?). At first, I wasn’t sold that it would match our place as nicely as it does. I currently have five plants, so it’s no surprise that I needed a stand and some major organizing. What I love about this stand is that it matches our living room, gives all the plants enough sunlight and doesn’t look cluttered. I actually noticed my plants growing quicker and looking more lush.


As you can see, this stand is simple but effective. Another good idea is putting string lights through the stand, so at night it can glitter and glow! If you’re looking for a quick organizational tool for you indoor plants, this may have answered your question.

How do you organize your plants? Let me know, I love hearing new ideas.

I hope you all have a great day everyone! Talk to you soon.

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