Monday Update +New Blog Previews

HOLEY MOLEY. I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever (it’s been a week today). As you know, I’m in graduate school and last week was midterms week which means I hardly had ANY time to blog. I get so antsy when I can’t blog more than twice a week. Ah!

This week is my spring break. I’m beyond excited that I’m going to be able to use this week to relax, read and rejuvenate (I love alliterations). My plans for the week includes reading my new books I purchased at Barnes & Noble (more to come on that), blogging A LOT (get ready), sleeping, drinking tea as I watch the snow fall from the sky and baking a cinnamon apple pie. Pretty great, huh? I think so, too.

Nic has been traveling for work a ton lately, so we decided to put off travel plans this week and instead go on a mini vacation in the summer. We’ve seen our favorite band Head and the Heart in concert more countless times, and we’re considering going to see them in Colorado this summer – so, that is our current travel plan.

SO. Since you haven’t heard from me in seven days (way too long in my book), I wanted to let you all know what you can expect this week and weeks to come.

• I’m currently reading The Night Circus, and man oh man is it AMAZING. I cannot put it down and it is just SO GOOD. I will be writing a book review so you all can hear my thoughts on it – and I will share the other books with you that I recently bought as well.

• I’m working on a spring reading list so you can add some new reads to your list!

• I’ve been looking up difference pie designs, and I’m planning on trying some out this week. My neighbor, Ann, shared one of her favorite apple pie recipes with me, so I’m so excited to blog about the pie and let you all know how it turns out.

• I will be talking about some products I have been using that I love, as well as overall recommendations and tips that I have for a variety of topics (I can’t give away too much).

These are only a few blog topics you can expect this week and weeks to come. Thank you all for reading –  I can’t wait to share many great blogs with you this week!

Is there something in particular you want to hear about? Comment below and let me know, I am ALWAYS open to suggestions.

Talk to you tomorrow!

♥ Christiana


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