A Lesson From Pie Crust

Hey, hey! I hope you’re all having a good morning so far. Today’s blog did NOT turn out as I had originally planned. I wanted to write a blog on how to make a lattice pie top (I’ve done it a million time before) but this was my first time making homemade pie crust. Needless to say, it did not turn out as planned.

So, I made the pie crust and I followed the directions to the T. I was so excited to write a post about a lattice top and I had the vision all set in my head. Everything was going according to plan when I started to lay the first three strips of dough out.


Then, when I started to weave a piece horizontally across the pie (like I’ve done a many time before), the dough starting ripping and dropping into the delicious apple pie beneath it. I was getting frustrated to put it lightly. As I continued to weave the strips of dough across my pie, the dough started sinking into the apple pie syrup and also started ripping and tearing apart. Clearly, I did something wrong.

At first, I stepped away from the kitchen and sat on the couch because I was extremely frustrated. I have done this MANY times and this time was turning into a tasty disaster. After I relaxed for a little bit, I went back to my pie and finished what I started. I put the rest of the strips across the pie making a lattice pattern and used the rest of the dough to make a designed boarder across the edge. It turned out better than I was making myself believe.

If you look closely at this picture, you can see the ripped and sinking dough.

Alright, so there are a few lessons behind this now funny situation and I’m actually incredibly happy this happened.

Pie Crust Lessons


• Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I may think the pie is a disaster, and someone else may think it’s a masterpiece – don’t sell yourself short.

• Learn from your mistakes and use them to improve and grow. I’ve made a number of notes about what to do next time and how to avoid a messy disaster.

• Don’t be so hard on yourself when things don’t go as you wanted them to – that’s with ANYTHING (not just pie crust).

• Try again and again and again until you’re satisfied – and have fun along the way.

• Find the positive in all situations and make the most of it.

• Make the most out of all situations.

• Always be proud of yourself.

I honestly couldn’t be happier that this pie fiasco happened the way it did. It reminded me of some important life lessons and that’s always a positive takeaway. Who would have thought pie crust would do that? And you know what? When I pulled my pie out of the oven, I smiled and surprised myself. I love how my pie turned out – imperfections and all.

Have a great day, everyone! Don’t forget, if things don’t go the way you wanted them to, embrace it and find the good in all situations.

♥ Christiana

3 thoughts on “A Lesson From Pie Crust

  1. Lots of lessons to learn from a pie. Pie’s are unique, they have their own set of rules. I’ll be more than happy to give you some advice or help with the next one. Just say the word. Hope it tasted good, looked yummy.


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