3 Easy Organization Tips For Small Spaces

Happy SPRING, everyone! Can you believe it’s spring?  This morning, my poppy and daisy started to bloom and I was so excited! Simply joys, right?

I always liked spring cleaning – taking time to focus on organizing and tidying up. Nic and I are really good at keeping our place clean, but some days slip away from us. Over the seven months we’ve been living in Milwaukee, there have been a number of way that I’ve been able to make a small space look bigger. Here are three of my organizing tips!


I absolutely LOVE baskets. I didn’t fully appreciate them until we moved to our new place. I initially just had one for under our bathroom sink. In that basket, I have our bathroom essentials all neatly organized in one area. Then, I got more baskets for our hallway closet. In these baskets, I have office supplies, hair/makeup/skincare products, electronics and medicine. It’s funny how something as simple as little baskets helps you save a ton of space! Not only that, it’s organized and easy to find.



I don’t know about your kitchen, but ours was getting awfully cluttered, especially with flour, salt and tea boxes. I didn’t like having them in random places and they were taking up valuable shelf space. At Target, I found these jars and they work like a charm! I was able to clear out a few tea boxes and put our flour and sugar in jars. It’s funny how much shelf space it saved me! I also love how the jars look on the counter.


Metal Shelf

Our garbage disposal was leaking last week, so we were forced to take everything out from under the sink (early spring cleaning, right?). After having everything taken out, I realized it wasn’t organized and that made the cabinet very messy and used up a lot of space. This metal shelf has made a HUGE difference with organizing and I can’t believe how much space it frees up! Before the shelf, we were out of space, and now, we have room to spare.


That’s it for today – I hope I have sparked some ideas in your head for organizing your home!

What organizing tips work for you? Comment below and let me know, I’d love to hear!

Talk to you all soon!

♥ Christiana


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