Indoor Planters That Will Add Flair To Your Home

Hey, everyone! I hope you’re having a great week so far. The weather has been beautiful here, the sun has been shining bright and my heart is happy! My little indoor garden is growing like crazy! So far, my basil, daisy and poppy plants are growing at lightening speed and this morning, I noticed my rosemarie is starting to grow too. How exciting!

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As you all know, I love flowers and plants. I think they add a beautiful touch to your home – inside or outside. Sometimes, space is limited outside or inside so you have to get creative with your planting. I put together a list of 10 planters I love that will add flair to your home and add a special touch to your already beautiful plants and flowers!

Half Moon Planter

What I love about this planter is that it’s truly so different than a standard planter. It’s small, cute and can fit a little cactus or any plant of your desire. I just recently bought a small planter, and I love how compact it is. It’s a great change and adds a unique touch.

35694520_027_b.jpeg 35694520_027_d.jpeg

See this planter here.

Palazzo Large Marbleized Planter

This marbleized planter is just so classy. I love the shine on it, and I love that it can work with many different stylistics patters in your home. The design is subtle, so it won’t make a loud statement but it definitely makes a statement.


See this planter here.

3-Piece White Loom Planter Set

Although I like unique shapes and designs, I also like simplicity. I have a few simple planters without any designs or shapes, and I love them just as much. This set is great for simple display of some of your favorite plants. Just imagine the beauties that would bloom from these planters and the splash of color they would add.


See this planter here.

Mid-Century Turned Leg Tabletop Planter

This planter is sure to add flair anywhere – just look at it. What catches my eye about this planter is that it’s so different from others and connects three plants together. It’s easy to start collecting more and more plants, but it can be hard to find space for them all. This is prefect for a set of three plants you want to showcase or that you simply want put together. I’m going to buy one like this, because I can picture my orchid and others flowers in it.


See this planter here.

Mid-Century Turned Leg Tabletop Planters – Black/Gold 

Simple with a statement – that’s what I like about this one. First off, I love black and gold. We have many gold and black items, so no surprise why I love these planters. They’re great for any plants and adds a nice touch to a windowsill, bookshelf or table.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 9.48.16 AM.png

See this planter here.

Anthropologie Sahel Wall Planter

Anthropologie NEVER let’s me down, whether it’s clothes, candles or planters… they have my back. These planters are one-of-a-kind, and I really haven’t seen any like then before shopping at Anthropologie. If you are thinking about ideas for your wall space and you also want to incorporate more plants in your home, this right here is the answer!


See this planter here.

I hope you found some planters that have inspired you and some that can add some flair to your home! I love my indoor plants and planters and also look for ways to jazz up our home. AND it’s spring, so it’s a perfect time to start planting your beautiful blooms.

What indoor plants do you have? Are there any planters you love? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you!

Talk to you later!

♥ Christiana

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