3 Secrets To Help Your Plants Grow

This last Sunday, Nic and I stopped by at Home Depot to get some new planters for my indoor garden. As he was helping me repot some of my plants Sunday morning, I began thinking about what I do to help my plants grow. Why haven’t I shared these secrets you sooner?! I don’t know – but I’m sharing them now.


1. Watering 

A big secret is watering correctly. All plants require different amounts of water.

Let’s take orchids for example. If you have one and only put one ice cube in it, as often stated on the instructions, that will very likely dry up your plant and it won’t survive for very long. Once a week, water your orchid and let the plant sit in a bowl of water for 20 minutes. This will make your orchids grow and last for YEARS. My grandma had hers for more than five years using this technique.

For your other plants, make sure you read up on them and figure out what they need to grow. My aloe plants don’t require much water at all, so I am careful not to water them as much as the others. A big mistake people make is watering all of the plants with the same amount of water, because this can either drown them or dry your plants up.

2. Repotting

Repotting your plants is very important. By doing this, you allow the roots to expand and therefore continue to grow. Little tiny planters like I have pictured below are cute and fun, but you can’t keep your plants in them very long. I planted two flowers in these, and replanted them about a week later. I replanted my aloe Vera plants about a month after I got them, and they are continue to grow quickly and look healthy. Another benefit to repotting your plants is that you give them fresh soil to live in, because soil does get old after awhile and loses its nutrients for the plants. Now that it’s spring, it’s the best time to repot your plants.


3. Sunlight

Getting the correct amount of sunlight is critical for your plants. Plants love the East sun, which is what my plants face. However, that’s not a necessity for your plants to grow. What is a necessity is figuring out how much sun your plants need. Some don’t need quite as much as others, and this is something you need to take into account. If one plant requires less sunlight, you can move it to a nearby bookshelf or coffee table and leave the others in a more open space. Wherever you put it, just make sure it’s getting some kind of light. So, similar to watering, remember all plants are unique.

These are my 3 secrets I have personally seen work on my plants. Try them out and see for yourself! Happy planting, my friends!

❤ Christiana

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