The Best Easter Egg Decorating Trick

Yesterday, my grandma and I were getting our Easter baskets ready and decorating eggs. I NEVER knew how she made her eggs look so amazing, and I always thought it took her days on end to complete. Yesterday, she let me in on her secret, and I could not believe how easy it was. After I found out her trick, I really wanted to share it with you all.

Easter Eggs.jpg

They’re called Egg Wraps, and there are SO MANY design options! Being Ukrainian, all of our eggs pictured (except the Mickey Mouse one) are Ukrainian designs. You can get them on Amazon, and you find Ukrainian ones here.

Egg Wraps Casually Christiana.jpg

All you have to do is hard boil eggs like you usually do. Once they’re done, pull them out and let the water continue to boil. Open your Egg Wraps and slide the egg inside. Once this is complete, put the egg on a spoon, dip it in the boiling water and BE AMAZED. The wrap will shrink wrap around the egg and you’re done! It’s so fun and easy for ALL ages. Amazon has many options, so have some fun!

Have a great day and enjoy the holiday weekend. Don’t forget, if you know someone who is spending the holiday alone, invite them. If you’re not sure if someone has plans, give them a call.

Happy Easter!

♥ Christiana

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