My Top 3 Favorite Candles

I love candles and enjoy adding new candles to my collection. I use different candles on different days, and it’s completely based on my mood and how I am feeling. Lately, there have been 3 candles that I have been using more than others, and I HAVE to share them with you all!

Calming Eucalyptus

I got this candle last weekend and I lucked out because it was on a major sale due to a tiny scratch on the candle wax. It didn’t bother me one bit, because it went away once I lit it when I got home – WIN!

I used this candle the last few days and I absolutely love it. The subtle aroma of eucalyptus is just enough to make you feel relaxed, but not overwhelmed. It adds the perfect touch to your home and helps you feel relaxed and calm. It’s no surprise this is one of my current top 3 candle picks!


Thai Lily

This candle is one of the most unique candles I’ve ever had – and the lovely aroma is unlike any other. It’s sweet, subtle and relaxing all in one. It’s the perfect candle for a day at home or an evening dinner with a glass of wine. You can get this candle in a number of different styles, this one just happened to be my favorite! This design is also a little more difficult to find, but you can find it here!

Check out this candle’s different style options – enabled tumbler, laurel glass and emory glass!


Afternoon Tea

I’ve mentioned this particular candle before, and for good reason! What makes this candle different from many others is that it crackles as it burns, and I’ve found that it’s incredibly relaxing. The scent is wonderful and doesn’t overpower a room. The scent and sound has come in handy as I’ve been doing work, studying or having a little “spa day” at home.


These 3 candles are seriously the best, and I know you’d love them too!

I’m always looking for recommendations on candles, so if you have any favorites, comment below and let me know! I would love to hear from you! If you have any questions on the particular candles I mentioned above, feel free to comment below or email me at casuallychristiana@gmail.com.

Have a great day, everyone!

♥ Christiana

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