Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Sorry this blog is posted later than my usual posts, but I wanted to squeeze one in before the day was over. Today is Earth Day, and we made the most of it by enjoying the great outdoors. My parents, Nic and I went to the park, walked around some trails, sat by the water and watched the sunset. In the evening, we listened to the frogs in the marsh and birds in the distance (I also accidentally sat on bird poop, but hey, it’s Earth Day, embrace it). Taking time to be outside and enjoy nature really makes you appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. Here are some photos from our day!



IMG_0018 (1).jpg


Realistically, every single day is Earth Day. However, it’s fun to set aside a special day to celebrate.

I hope you all had a great day! What did you do to celebrate?

Stay tuned… I collaborated with another blogger on a travel blog post and it will be posted this week! I know you all will love it.

That’s it for today – talk to you soon!

♥ Christiana

2 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day

  1. Absolutely, post wasn’t delayed.. every day is earth day. I didn’t do much, but planted a small plant in the society’s garden, the big deal now is to monitor it and help it grown in the heat.
    There is something about the camera and the photographer. 🙂

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