5 Things To Remind Yourself Today And Everyday

It’s easy to get caught up in life and forget to take time for yourself – it happens to us all. But, it is SO important to make time for ourselves, even if that’s giving ourselves some positive words and self motivation. After all, we deserve it. With this being said, here are 5 things to remind yourself today (and everyday), no matter how busy you are.

1. You Are Doing Great

You are doing great. You are doing great with work, school, life… everything. You are doing great with it all. Give yourself the credit you deserve and give yourself a pat on the back. Often, we feel like we could be doing better with many things, whatever that may be. Although we can be our own worst critics, we need to remember to remind ourselves of how great we are, too.

2. Breathe

How many of you have gotten so busy with life that you’ve forgotten to just take a moment to breathe? GUILTY. I have definitely done this and I KNOW I am not the only one. So, today, BREATHE. You don’t have to be on your couch or laying in bed to do this, you can do it at your desk or even when you’re walking to car. Breathe in and out a few times and give yourself time to take a step back from reality for a moment and relax.

3. Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

To be blunt, it sucks when something goes wrong or you make a mistake at work or wherever. But, we’re all human and we’re doing the best we can. Mistakes will always happen, and they are a great learning experience. We learn and we grow from our mistakes. When something goes awry and it wasn’t what you expected – don’t be so hard on yourself. Look at the situation and learn from it – there is no sense in making it worse by being hard on yourself. Turn it into a positive.

4. You Will Crush Your Goals

YES YOU WILL! You will accomplish your goals. If it’s not happening now – that’s ok. Success takes time, hard work and perseverance. Sometimes, it takes weeks, months and years to accomplish a goal. What’s important is not to lose sight of your goals and keep working hard to accomplish them. Remind yourself today that you will accomplish your goals and crush them. You got this!

5. Everything Happens For A Reason

This has always been one of my favorite quotes and life mottos. I find this saying to be so valid and it has been so true in many situations. It has offered me comfort in stressful situations and it will do the same for you. Didn’t hear back from that job you applied for? Maybe it wasn’t right for you. Didn’t hear back from an internship you wanted? A better one is coming your way. Remind yourself that everything happens for a reason and you are exactly where you need to be in your life.

Ok, so I said there were 5 things, but I have one more (think of it as a bonus). Don’t forget to remind yourself that you are loved. Simple as that, you are loved by many people, and don’t ever forget it.

What are your favorite motivational quotes? What do you remind yourself on a daily basis? Comment below and let me know!

Have a great day everyone. Don’t forget to remind yourself how great you are!

♥ Christiana

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