Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

HAPPY FRIDAY! The weather is beautiful, the sun is out and I’m ready to enjoy the weekend. I haven’t done a Friday Favorites post in some time but I want to start it up again. If you’re new here, Friday Favorites is where I post about a few of my favorite blogs! Enjoy!

Lauren Conrad 

I’m always looking for fun and unique ways to work out, and when there is a beach included in a workout routine – I’m in. Lauren Conrad recently  posted a blog called Shape Up: Dr. Hunter’s Beach Booty Burn Workout and if offers some GREAT tips and advice for working out on the beach – pretty great, I know. Check it out and change up your next workout! I’m planning on trying some of these workouts this weekend, can’t wait!

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Girl With Curves

Water, water, water! It’s so easy to get dehydrated and I am guilty of not drinking enough water on a daily basis, but I’m trying. What helps is when you jazz up your water and make it a little more exciting. That’s where Girl With Curve’s blog on 4 Fruit Infused Water Recipes comes into play! I love this blog because it gives you simple and easy recipes for fruit infused water and they all sound so delicious. I can’t wait to give these a try – are you going to join me?!


Garden Betty

I recently discovered Garden Betty, and I absolutely LOVE her blog (check it out ASAP). It’s  hard to narrow down just one favorite from all of her posts, but today I’m highlighting her blog My Favorite Fences to Keep Out Critters, Caterpillars, and Birds (No DIY Needed). If you are a gardener like me, you always look for different ways to keep animals away from your plants and vegetables. I love this fence and can 100% say that it works and helps tremendously. No animals have gotten to my vegetables since I started using this fence two years ago (knock on wood) and it hasn’t let me down. Try it out!


Brewing Up Style

You may remember Brewing Up Style from our blog we collaborated on, How To Travel Like An Instagram Blogger For Less. I love her blog and she has always has cute outfits and ideas up her sleeve. Her recent post, A Simple Date Night Look, was one of my favorites! I’ve recently gotten into the trend of tops with open sleeves. They’re cute and comfy – two very important things when picking out the perfect outfit! This blog gave some great date night ideas and also gave a great reminder to make sure you wear something that is YOU and that shows off your style and personality. If you are looking for some outfit inspiration, head over to Brewing Up Style!


That’s it for today, my friends! Enjoy your day, talk to you soon!

♥ Christiana

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