5 Easy Steps To Plant A Vegetable Garden In A Small Space

This last weekend was full of fun and excitement, and also a lot of gardening. As you all know, I love gardening and I always have. What I love about gardening is that you can always make it work, no matter how small the space is. Many times, people think they need a lot of land to plant a garden. That’s not always the case! All you need are planters, some soil, a variety of veggies or flowers, stakes and a wire fence and you’re there. It’s not as hard as you think – so here’s how to plant a beautiful lush garden in a small space.


1. Planters

The first thing you need to do is find some big planters to plant your vegetables in. You need to find planters that are big enough so your plants can expand and grow in a healthy way. The planters I use are about 12 wide and 12 inches deep and 15 inches wide and 12 inches deep, and they have never given me any trouble. So, depending on how many vegetables you want to plant, that’s how you can decide how many planters you will need.

2. Soil

Next, you need potting soil. I use Miracle Gro Moisture Contorol Potting Mix and I love it. Make sure you have enough soil to fill your planters so the plants have enough dirt to be transplanted in. Fill in planters with about 3/4 of soil, leaving enough room to plant your veggies and then cover the top with more soil and tuck the plant in so it’s secure.

3. Veggies

If you’re using seeds, don’t plant them too deep into the soil. If you’re planting veggies that are already grown, create a hole in the planters that are big enough for the plants to go in. Once you create the a hole, put the plant in and start putting soil around it to fill it. Make sure there is enough soil around it and cover the top with soil as well.


4. Stakes

To make sure your tomatoes and cucumbers grow correctly, stick stakes into your planters to ensure healthy growth – I use this one. They’re simple to use and one of my favorite gardening tools. All you have to do is put the stakes in, position your vegetables in the center of it and snap the arms onto the sides. As the plants get bigger, you can continue to add more arms.

5. Wire Fence

The final step is to wrap a wire fence around your plants. If you don’t, you will regret it. Trust me. Little animals will come in and eat your plants and you won’t get to enjoy them. So, safe yourself the trouble and take a few minutes to wrap a wire fence around your planters to make sure you keep those tiny animals out. Make sure to leave the opening to the fence in an accessible spot so you can get into your garden without any trouble.


That’s it! You don’t need a ton of land to create a beautiful garden, all you need is some imagination and these five easy steps.

Happy planting, everyone!

♥ Christiana


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