Fun and (Mostly) Free Summer Date Ideas

Summer is here and I am welcoming it with open arms! With the sun shining and the warm weather upon us, what better way to enjoy it than to spend time outside? To better enjoy summertime, here are some free and fun summer date ideas that you will love!

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One of my favorite dates (spring, summer OR fall) is a picnic! I love picnics because they’re so simple but so cute and fun. This summer, go on a picnic! Pack up your basket with some of your favorite foods, some wine or beer and find a spot in the park and enjoy. A lot of times, this is something people always tell themselves they’ll do eventually and never get to it. Make it a point to actually get to it this summer!

Sunset Walk

Another one of my favorites – a sunset walk. You all know I LOVE walks. This summer, go for a walk at sunset! One great thing about going for a walk is that it doesn’t cost you a dime. Take a sunset walk, talk about life, share your goals and aspirations with one another and simply enjoy your surroundings and each others company.


Find a state park near you and go on a hike! I always love finding hidden treasures and hiking always does just that. There is always so much beauty to see and hiking is a great way to see it.

Cook Dinner

I love cooking dinner with Nic – I think it’s sweet and simple. Whenever we cook together, we always end up laughing and talking and enjoying ourselves. The fun part isn’t eating the delicious meal we cook together (although it is tasty) – it’s cooking and making it together. This is a great date idea that is guaranteed to be fun and memorable.

Free Concert

Do a little research on the city you live in and see what kind of free concerts they have going on. You’ll be surprised at how many free events cities have going on! A free concert is a great (and free) date idea that is so fun and sure to get you in the summer spirit. You can even double up and have a picnic AT the concert!

Movie Night

I love movie nights – spring, summer, fall or winter. They are always fun, relaxing and a great date idea. Find one of your favorite movies (or TV shows), grab a blanket, cuddle up on the couch and enjoy! It also forces you to relax which is a huge plus since we ALL need time to relax and rejuvenate. Am I right?!


Stargazing is ALWAYS a wonderful date idea. Nic and I always find time to stargaze and it’s always so sweet and memorable. One night, I swear we saw more than 20 shooting stars (that’s a lot of wishes!). Stargazing is free and a summer date MUST.

Now that you have some ideas, go enjoy the sweet summertime! Pick something (or a number of things) from this list and enjoy!

Talk to me – What is your favorite summer date activity? I’d love to hear from you!

Talk to you all soon!

♥ Christiana


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