Fireworks + The Spark Inside Us All

I have aways loved fireworks. I always get so excited for them on the 4th of July and for other fireworks throughout the year. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always loved the feeling I get watching them.

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As a kid, fireworks always seemed so magical. My family and I would all sit together on a blanket by the lake, listen to a live band and watch the beautiful fireworks over the bay. I’d always be giddy waiting for the finale, and once it ended, I couldn’t wait to see them again next year. I loved everything about it. Growing up, I’ve always loved fireworks for the same reason – because of the magical feeling I get.

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July 4, 2017

Growing up, new traditions began to happen. The last two summers, Nic and I spent the 4th of July in Fontana. It’s a different place and a change of scenery, but the fireworks still give me that same feeling. Watching them fill the night sky hand in hand with Nic filled me with happiness, love and pure enchantment. They are something so simple yet so memorable. As a kid, fireworks were always special and magical. Today, they still give me that same feeling that I know that feeling will never go away – no matter how old I am.

Every year, fireworks remind me of simplicity, romance, love, traditions, magic and pure happiness. Knowing that that magical feeling will never go away is a simple reminder of the beauty of life and the magic that surrounds us all. Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves to feel like we did when we were kids and to always keep that spark alive inside us.

What gives you that magical and enchanting feeling inside?

♥ Christiana

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