Milwaukee Air Show

Today, Nic and I were able to shake off those Sunday scaries by enjoying the beautiful Milwaukee Air Show… from our balcony! This was the first year we were here for it, so we were SO excited to watch it! There were people on their balconies, camped out on the sidewalk, some sitting on roofs and others packed at the beach. It was a pretty cool site in itself.

As we were watching the show in awe and excitement (I actually jumped up and down in excitement as I saw the first plane), Nic had the brilliant idea to grab our camera – and what an amazing idea that was! The photos were so incredible, I HAD to share them with you all. Here they are!

milwaukee airshow.jpg

mke airshow.jpg










The air show was so much fun and we are already so excited to see it again next year.

I hope you all enjoy these photos –  Nic took all of them except the one I took of him. Kudos to him! 🙂

Talk to you all soon!

♥ Christiana

9 thoughts on “Milwaukee Air Show

  1. Thank you for sharing your photo’s. What a great spot to take in such a sight! I can just imagine how it is to watch the fireworks from there! Enjoy

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  2. Hi Come up and join me Saturday the 29 of July at the EAA for a real air show a day of fun and fireworks and yes the blue angles are there .
    This Airshow is rated 3rd best in the US

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