10 Tried and True Running Tips

Hello, everyone and Happy Monday! I hope you all are off to a great week. The first day of fall is this Friday, and I am so excited. Who’s with me?!

I’ve talked about running and fitness a number of times on my blog before, like 5 Running Essentials, but today, I wanted to highlight some running tips I have grown to LOVE. Nic and I have started consistently running about 3 times a week now and it’s been great. We love going on runs together and it’s a great activity to do together. Any who, since we’ve been running more consistently, I wanted to share tips we have both grown to love and benefit from.

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1. Stretch

Remember when I told you all about hurting my new during my half marathon training? Don’t let that happen to you! It happened entirely because I wasn’t stretching properly… and it took over six months to heal. It was terrible. Moral of the story… STRETCH!

Here are some stretches I highlighted in a precious blog, Half Marathon Training for Beginners:

IT Band Stretches

Stretches Before A Run

Stretchers For Runners 

2. Don’t Overdue It & Know Your Limits

This sounds so simple, but it’s so true. Don’t overdue it and end up in pain. It’s good to push yourself… but there’s a limit. Once you cross that limit, you could end up injured and miserable.  It’s not worth it! Push yourself, but be smart about it.

3. Set Goals

It’s great to set goals! Your goals can be short term, like telling yourself you will run until you reach a certain point (like a mailbox or tree) and then walk. Nic and I do this all the time, and I think it works great. You set little goals, and it pushes you in a good way. You can also set long term goals, like wanting to be able to run a mile without stopping in a month. Or maybe you want to run a half marathon! Whatever it is, have some fun with it!

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Stay hydrated! I am 100% guilty of not drinking enough water – which is not healthy or good for you. Before you work out (and all the time, for that matter), make sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

5. Map a Route

I cannot tell you enough how important I think this is. One time I was freely running, got exhausted and realized I still had to run all the way back. This can totally work for some people – but mapping out a route can definitely be a huge help. If you map out a route, you know how far you’re going and can prepare for the distance you want to run.

6. Have Pockets

I seriously love pockets – they’re awesome when they’re in a dress, but they’re equally as awesome when they’re in your shirt, shorts or leggings. I use pockets all the time for my keys and phone when I run, and I love it. Pockets are so useful and so practical when running.

7. Consider a Fitness Tracker

I LOVE my Fitbit! My brother actually gave me a Fitbit Alta as a gift a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it! It’s a fun way to track your steps, see how far you’ve gone, see the progress you’ve made and the calories you’ve been. It’s also a great way to track your goals – I love that part.

If you are looking into getting a fitness tracker, recently came out with a really cool article highlighting their research about fitness trackers. It’s definitely worth a read, especially if you want to invest in the right tracker for you. Since there are so many different trackers, it’s a great way to narrow one down for yourself. They name the top three trackers as Garmin Vivofit 3, Fitbit Charge 2 and Garmin Vivosmart HR+, and their articles lays out why. Check out the article here!

8. Wear Comfortable Clothes

It’s the worst when you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing. It really is. And it can really put a damper on a perfectly good run. So, don’t let that happen to you! Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and that feel good. It’s as simple as that!

9. Music

Get jamming! Music is always a great idea when you’re running. It provides a great boost of energy and gets you going when you’re out and about. I have so many different playlists that I listen to depending on my mood. But that’s what makes it so great for different people – different music does different things to different people.

*If you’re interested in the type of music that gets me going during my runs, comment below and let me know. I’ll totally make a blog dedicated to music for runs!

10. Have Fun

I always say have fun, but that’s because it’s true! Have fun when you run (that kind of even rhymes)! I always think of Phoebe from Friends when she goes running and waves her arms in the air – and I love it! Don’t make your run miserable, have fun with it.

Next time you go on a run, I hope these tips and tricks work for you.

♥ Christiana

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