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Fall Fashion Guide

Fall is here, and what a beauty it is! It’s officially October, one of the most beautiful months of the year, and I couldn’t be happier. I love so many things about fall. The pumpkins, crisp fall air, the colors of the leaves and the cozy scarfs and sweaters that go with that chilly air! That’s why I put together this fall outfit guide that is perfect for that beautiful October day.

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Booties are definitely a must for fall fashion. I own a few pairs and I love them. I’ve dressed them down, dressed them up and worn them with casual outfits. I love mine and  the fact that they go with so many outfits. The other day, I wore them with jeans, a knit top and a chunky necklace. The option are endless, which makes it that much more perfect for autumn.

See the bootie pictured on the left here.

See the bootie pictured on the bottom right here.

Plaid Flannel

Do I really even have to explain why these cute plaid flannels scream fall? Just yesterday, I wore my red flannel with a grey shirt to go to an apple orchard and pick some apples to make apple pie. I know, doesn’t that sound like a Hallmark movie? But in all seriousness, plaid flannels are a must for fall. They’re cute, warm and cozy.

See the flannel on the top left here.

See the flannel on the bottom left here.

Liverpool Leggings

Oh. My. Goodness. Have you heard of Liverpool Leggings? If not, be ready to have your mind blown. They are BY FAR the best jean leggings in the world. 100%. I bought two pairs the other weekend, and my goodness I can’t stop wearing them and talking about them. They feel like leggings and look like jeans. I mean, hello?! They’re amazing, comfortable and true to size. Take my word for it, these are worth every penny. If that isn’t enough, they look great with flannel and a pair of booties.

See the Liverpool Leggings here.


There’s nothing like a warm, chunky scarf on s brisk fall day. It adds color to your outfit, keeps you warm and is super stylish. I have many scarfs and they always get used in autumn. I love this scarf in particular, because  the colors are perfect for fall days. If your outfit has many solid colors and you want to (pumpkin) spice it up a little, add a scarf!

See the scarf here.


Oh, how I love warm sweaters in the fall! Sweaters are a great addition for your fall outfits. Besides being warm, they are fashionable and stylish. I always like wearing loose sweaters and tighter jeans (especially Liverpool Leggings). A loose sweater, tight jeans and booties are always a great go-to outfit. These three sweaters are great colors for fall and great colors to make an outfit pop.

See the front tie sweater here.

See the pink sweater here.

See the grey cardigan here.

There you have it, your fall fashion guide! These are some of my favorite fall pieces and ones that you can see me wearing during the autumn season. I hope you got inspired!

Have a great day, everyone! Go enjoy that beautiful fall weather.


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