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Hey, everyone! Many of you read a previous blog, Nic Answers Questions About Me. Well, this one is a sequel to that one. Nic and I had A LOT of fun with that blog, and you all seemed to really enjoy it, so we decided to do another one together! This time, I am the one answering questions about Nic. Just like the last blog, Nic will ask the questions to me and then he will write down my answers and his own commentary. We had just as much fun doing this one, so enjoy. 🙂

Q: Where is my favorite place to go?

Christiana: Hawaii

Nic: True. No place like the sun, a beach and a very fresh glass of Maui Brewing’s beer.

Nic and I Maui.jpgQ: Where would I love to travel to?

Christiana: Dubai

Nic: Yes.

Q: What is my favorite food?

Christiana: Chicken cordon blue.

Nic: I’ll give ya that one. I would have settled for that or Ian’s Pizza

Q: What am I good at?

Christiana: Everything.

Nic: Good answer… Not true, but clever.

Q:  If I was an animal, which one would I be?

Christiana: Lion

Nic: True… Just as Big Blue Lion.

Q: What’s my favorite band/musician?

Christiana: The Head and The Heart

Nic: True. Good band, check them out… but, what ever happens, make sure I get their limited release record and concert tickets first because I have liked them longer.

Q: What is one of my favorite TV shows?

Christiana: Family Guy, among many others

Nic: Not that I have time to watch TV ever, but I will always make time for a new Family Guy episode, even if it’s 3:00AM and I have to be up at 5:30AM. I always have time for a stupid funny laugh.

Q: What is one of your favorite memories about us?

Christiana: There are so many. Pulling out cars from ditches in winter, or being forced to dance at a wedding and being the only ones on the dance floor and crying from laughing so hard.

Nic: There is never a dull moment. We do have a lot of very good memories.

Q: What is one of my favorite things to do?

Christiana: Golf.

Nic: Can’t argue with that.

Nic golfing.jpg

Q: What’s my favorite place to eat? 

Christiana: Ian’s Pizza, more specifically a slice of Smoke the Bandit.

Nic: I knew if I kept asking food questions she would eventually get to Ian’s Pizza.

Wow. We had such a fun time with this blog, and I loved having Nic write down his own commentary. I talk about him a lot on my blog (ok, all the time), so I’m glad you all had the chance to get to know him a little more on the blog.

Talk soon!



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