Knowing Your Worth + Speaking Up

Blogging has taught me many things – two of those things being knowing your worth and speaking up for yourself. Many times, we don’t speak up for ourselves or speak up for what we know we deserve.

Recently, I had a blogging experience with a brand that opened my eyes to knowing my worth and speaking up for what I believe in (especially with blogging). I will not name the brand, but to put it lightly, they took advantage of me and my work. They wanted me to talk about about their new collection and I agreed, because experience is a good thing to have. However, after I posted my thoughts, they emailed me with a list of areas they wanted me to change and asked me to take down my disclosure statement. After I read this, I was pretty angry to say the least. I talked to Nic, family and friends and asked for their opinions. So, what was my decision? Take the post down.

I worked on this post for about 6 hours, between writing and taking photos. However,  I knew I had to speak up for myself (even if it was quietly). I took down the post because I was not going to deceive my readers and I knew my worth.

Casually Christiana is a treasure to me. It’s a place where I will always be honest, where I will always share my honest thoughts and ALWAYS BE ME. My readers trust me and I will always be genuine here. That’s never in question and never will be.

So, what’s the lessons here? Know your worth and speak up for yourself. If something feels off – listen to your gut. If you don’t agree with something – take action. Staying quiet will NOT make a change. We all need to remember our worth and speak up for what we know we deserve.

I love you all and this blog will always be an honest place, I can guarantee that. 🙂

Have a great day, everyone!

Talk to you soon.



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