Gift Giving Guide: Gifts Under $50

Hi, everyone! The cold weather is here, the first snow has fallen, and the holidays are quickly approaching! I’ve already started my holiday shopping, and it’s a goal of mine to get it all done before December (we’ll see if that actually happens). That’s why I put together this gift giving guide of gifts for men and women for under $50! Looking for  ideas? You’ve come to the right place.


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1. Men’s Darren Slipper / Nordstrom – I think slippers are such a great gift idea. I mean, who doesn’t love a good pair of slippers? If you’re looking for a gift for your boyfriend husband, dad, grandpa, friend… consider getting them a cozy pair of slippers for those chilly winter mornings. See the slippers here.

2. Northlight Gnome / Bed Bath & Beyond – I am obsessed with these cute little gnomes. Last year, we got my mom one, and she LOVED it. It’s such a cute gift idea, and you can always find room for them in your home. The best part? They are guaranteed to make you smile (at least, it always makes me smile). See the gnome here. 

3. Women’s Terry Robe / Target – I love me a cozy robe. I wear my robe everyday, no question about it. Not only is it cozy and incredibly comfortable, it makes me feel like I’m at a spa on my own couch. What a win, am I right? See the robe here. 

4. Celestial Coaster Set / Anthropologie –  Coasters are classy. We have a few coasters at our place, and they are always put to use. It’s a simple gift idea that is SO practical. These coasters are classy, and could go with pretty much as style. See the coasters here.

5. Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle / Anthropolgie – Yes, Anthropolgie is making yet another appearance. What can I say, I love that store. However, I particularly like their candles. You really get what you pay for with them – they last a long time, smell great and aren’t overpowering (they also come in super cute containers). See the candle here.

6. Men’s Dockers Wallet / Kohls – I love, love, love this wallet. I got a wallet for Nic a few years ago for Christmas, and it was a hit! I like this wallet in particular, because (1) Dockers is a great brand and (2) it has an anchor on it.  See the wallet here. 

7. Women’s Lodge Moccasins / J.Crew – You can never go wrong with moccasins as a gift for the holidays (even if it’s a gift for yourself). They’re timeless, comfortable and perfect for the cold winter. See the moccasins here.

8. Merry Christmas Pillow / Pier 1 Imports – I just got a pillow for Christmas last week – and I love it. I think pillows are a great gift, especially during the holidays. This one definitely gets you into the Christmas spirit and will add a special holiday touch to any home. See the pillow here.

9. Women’s Cotton Ragg Camp Socks / L.L. Bean – I am a major fan of getting socks as a stocking stuffer and gift. I love warm socks that are also comfortable. Whether I’m wearing them under my winter boots, at home or while I’m sitting on the couch – they almost keep me warm and cozy. See the socks here. 

10. Women’s Sylvia Alexander Plaid Scarf / Target – Scarfs are always a great gift idea. They’ll always get put to use, they keep you warm and can really spice up an outfit – win! See the scarf here. 

There you have it, a gift giving guide for under $50! Stay tuned – more gift giving guides coming your way!

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