Gifts Under $20 That People Will Love

Tis the season to be jolly, and give presents My office is doing a secret santa, so I was inspired to create a gift giving guide with gifts under $20 that are really cute AND practical. Why waste money on gifts just to get something? If you’re going to spend money, no matter how much, you might as well make the purchase worth it. Am I right?! So, here you have it! Your gift giving guide for gifts under $20!

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1. Holiday Spruce Candle / Target: I am a HUGE candle fan, especially with the spruce scent. I have a few spruce candles at our place, and we love them. They’re a great gift idea, and people will actually get good use out of them.

See the candle here.

2. Albury Crew Socks / Free People: Ok, who isn’t a huge fan of a cozy pair of socks? I love socks and love getting them as gifts. They’re a great gift idea that people use, so right there, you know this gift is practical. That’s what I’m talking about.

See the socks here.

3. Spirited Slogan Plates / west elm: I seriously love these plates. When I saw the ones that said “Woman on a mission” and “Create Change” I was immediately a huge fan. I love inspirational quotes, especially ones like these. I also love little plates like this, and think they’re great for rings, earrings, bobby pins, jewelry… or anything else you need them for.

See the plates here. 

4. Cup Of Happy Phrase Mug / Target: Similar to socks…. I can’t have enough coffee mugs. I use them every day, and I love having mugs that are different. I like the quote on this one and the touch of gold on the handle. Even if the person you’re getting a gift for doesn’t like coffee, they can use it for tea or water (or even wine)!

See the mug here.

5. Basin and Range Cable Twist Flip Top Glove / Backcountry: On those cold winter days, you need a pair of warm gloves. These are a great gift that you know will go to use! Also, I like the white and grey color because it goes with any color jacket or outfit! Also, these serve as mittens OR gloves, so you get a double bonus.

See the glove here.

6. Coffee Press / Macy’s: Feeling fancy? I love this coffee press, and I love mine! This one is dishwasher safe (YES) and serves 8 cups. It’s a great gift that really is so practical and will get a ton of use.

See the coffee press here.

7. Chevron Knit Scarf / Nordstrom Rack: When the weather outside is frightful, this scarf will be so delightful! Did you sing that? Scarves are always a great and cozy gift idea that can be used for years to come.

See the scarf here.

8. Bon Voyage 2018 Desk Calendar / Antropologie: I seriously think this calendar is so cute. The different months all have different photos that are artsy and cute. This is a great gift to spruce up your desk at work or home, and one that you know will go to use.

See the calendar here. 

9. Zodiac Journal / Antropologie: I’m a Capricorn, and I LOVE everything to do with zodiac signs. My mom and I are huge into reading our weekly horoscopes and I just love everything to do with it. What I love about these journals is that you can pick the zodiac sign for the person you’re buying it for, which adds a sweet personal touch.

See the journal here.

10. Contigo Travel Mug / Target: Travel mugs are the best, especially ones that are good quality. This mug is spill-proof (if you’re anything like me, that’s a necessity) and keeps your drink warm for hours (another necessity). This is a great gift for those coffee and tea lovers. I use travel mugs everyday, and they really are a great and practical gift.

See the mug here.

There you have it – 10 gift ideas that are all under $20! Every single one of these gifts is practical and will get put to use – which really is the best part.

Talk soon!

♥ Christiana

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