VIIcode Oxygen Eye Cream Review

Thank you VIIcode for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

A few weeks ago, I was sent VIIcode Oxygen Eye Cream to review, and I was beyond excited to give it a try. I’m a big fan of eye cream and think it’s a nice and luxurious touch to my night and morning routine. Before I even started using this eye cream, a few aspects caught my eye. One was that this product looks so classy! I received it in a black pouch with red lining, and the eye cream itself is in a shiny case. Right there, I knew this eye cream would not disappoint. If that wasn’t enough to sell me on this product, a few of the ingredients in it also caught my eye – aloe, chamomile and avocado. I love all of those.

VIIcode Eye Cream and Bag.jpg

I used this product before bed and added it to my nighttime routine, and I 100% saw a difference. When I got this cream, I was heading into finals in grad school, which means little sleep. This also means my eyes would be puffy and have dark circles. BUT, this cream made that go away – seriously. I immediately noticed a change in the mornings when I woke up from a busy night of studying, and saw that my eyes did not look as tried as they had in the past. In addition, it made my skin feel SO smooth (I loved that part, especially during the dry winter). I don’t currently worry about fine lines and wrinkles (which this eye cream covers too) – but it’s never too early to start caring about your skin. Am I right?!

VIIcode Bottle.jpg

With this eye cream, there is also a unique activation strip that comes with it. At first, I wasn’t sure where it was, because it blended in so nicely with the packaging. However, when you open the eye cream, it’s right on top.

This activation strip is a massage like tool that you can use to apply the eye cream. It smooths the area around your eyes, and then assists you in applying the cream by massaging it into the skin. Not only is it a nice and unique way to apply the cream, you don’t have to use your fingers if you don’t want to. However, I used this eye cream both ways – fingers and activation strip, and they both were great.

VIIcode Eye Cream Applicator.jpg

When all was said and done, I definitely saw a positive change with my eyes. The puffiness and dark circles were gone, and my skin felt better than ever. If you’re in the market for some new eye cream that gives you actual results, I absolutely recommend checking out this product and giving it a try for yourself. The eye cream is currently sold out on their current site, but Amazon is carrying it! See the VIIcode Oxygen Eye Cream here.

VIIcode Eye Cream.jpg

If any of you have any more questions about this eye cream, comment below or tweet me! I always love hearing from you.

Stay warm!

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